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Supporting Our Troops With Military Phone Card Donations

Win an hour worth of Free Phone Calls Now!

      Without support, our Troops morale level would be slim to none. Since September 11th the Soldiers of our Great Nation have been fighting for a cause so noble that they are mentioned every day in the news. Articles on September 11th are all over the Internet. It is extremely sad that something like this was the cause of the increased recognition, but Soldiers deserve support in any way we can provide it.

     You do not have to send our Soldiers expensive care packages or write long support letters to show that you support them. Give them something that they really need like discount international military phone cards or some stamps so they can communicate with their loved ones without delay. There are many non-profit organizations that offer discount international military phone cards that can be donated to the Soldiers overseas. Since September 11th, many non-profit organizations have lost publicity because of the big phone card companies trying to get their piece of the pie. These non-profit organizations exist to support our troops and most provide better services than the big names in the phone card industry. These organizations are trying to build something positive in memory of September 11th.

     Most of the care packages our soldiers receive contain candies and personal hygiene items they either already have, or they can easily obtain at the PX. The PX, or Post Exchange, has a motto, We go where you go. If you can get something at the local WalMart, the Soldiers can probably get at the PX. Something you may want to keep in mind is that items like discount military phone cards can be purchased at the PX but they only carry big named cards that have hidden rates. If you could send Soldiers a quality phone card or personal card to support our troops, they would have much better use for it than a box of broken cookies, or a letter like thousands of others saying how much you appreciate them.

     Whether your military donation is in the form of a discount military phone card, a book of stamps or just a simple letter attempting to boost their moral, you have supported the war on terror in one way or another and you should be proud. If you are not able to make a donation like this, maybe you could just compose a heart felt letter in memory of September 11th reminding our warriors that their fight is for a noble cause. To all of those murdered in the attacks on September 11, 2002, their family members who have to deal with their loss every day and the countless number of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines that have given their lives for a more peaceful world, our hearts go out to you and we thank you all for your enormous sacrifice.


Soldiers Save Big with International Military Calling Cards

You are a member of the United States Armed Forces, either you or your spouse put your life on the line every day and you both deserve affordable communication during deployments. You receive hazardous duty pay while deployed to combat areas, cost of living allowance when deployed to spots like Germany and all sorts of other benefits for your service. With all of the benefits you receive and deserve, you would think there is an International military calling card company that would like to reward you as well, right? Well, there is. It is up to you to find these companies and stick with them. More

Prepaid International Military Phone Cards

 Today, more than ever, we hear stories about the wars that are going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and other places around the world. The International community has always been cooperative in providing military support for these International wars. In the Iraq war, people from more than a dozen countries participated in liberating the country. Once an International war develops, many people from around the world are called into action to go to the region and support the liberation effort. Many American men and women have participated in the Iraq war. After the war, many stayed to help rebuild the country and protect the Iraqis against the insurgents attacks. The same was true for Afghanistan war. More

Military Care Packages and Soldier Phone Card Donations

 When a doldier deploys, he or she goes through more that what most of us could ever imagine. Working days on end, receiving enemy fire, dealing with heat in excess of hundred and fourty degrees are just a few of the things our Soldiers go through every day. It is important for us to let them know that we appreciate this dedication in the form of free military care packages. More

Soldiers Benefit From Military International Calling Card Cell Phone Calls

 Being a U.S. Service Member during the recent years means being on the move. Whether you are going out on patrols or traveling in convoys from one spot to another, Soldiers need to have the ability to utilize a Military Phone Card on their Cell Phones in order to stay in touch with those they love.

Unlike at the start of Operation Enduring Freedom, soldiers are now able to utilize Cell Phones on most deployments. By making the correct choices in cell phone and international calling card providers Soldiers can now call home at very low rates. However, not all long distance providers give you the lowest prices. More

Cheap Military Prepaid Calling Cards For Government Employees

 Almost everybody has to do a job to make a living. There are many debates among experts about who has the toughest job. Some experts believe that CEOs have tougher jobs since they have a lot of responsibility in managing their companies. Some believe that surgeons have the most difficult career since they closely deal with peoples lives. In truth, the men and women in the military have the most difficult jobs out there. Not only they have to dedicate their time and energy to serving our great nation, they also have to risk their lives for our nations cause. More

Military Communication During Government Deployments

 Your spouse has recently been deployed, Again. You are trying to juggle all of your responsibilities, stay sane and stay in touch while he or she is overseas. You are already stressed out over the fact that your loved one will be gone for such a long time and now you find out there is no cheap way to stay in touch. It looks like you will have to limit your phone calls, or does it?

While your soldier is overseas; whether it be Iraq, Kuwait, Korea, Germany or elsewhere family and friends need to know that calling him or her does not have to be an expensive or stressful ordeal, nor should it be. Over the years the U.S. Military has deployed to several locations overseas and many soldiers have enjoyed low rate Military International phone cards. It is important for you to know that there are companies out there that really do care about our armed forces and want to provide them with the lowest possible international phone card rates during their deployment. More

Calling Cards For Soldiers Using Cell Phones

 If you or your spouse have ever been deployed overseas, you know the importance of finding a quality phone card provider that offers cheap rates to those who serve.

Whether you have been, or you plan to deploy to Iraq, Germany, Korea, Kosovo or any of the many other locations our Military goes, you know the importance of cheap military calling card rates. With the extremely fast pace of the modern United States Military, cell phones for Soldiers are a necessity. With so many choices of phone cards for Soldiers, it is important to find one that you can use with your cell phone, that does not carry hidden charges and one that has cheap card rates for the Military. More


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