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As the Nation's memory and record keeper, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) preserves the permanently valuable records of the United States. Its major record holdings date back to 1774. NARA assists federal agencies in documenting their activities, administering their records management programs, scheduling their records and retiring their noncurrent records to Federal records centers. We also accession, arrange, preserve and make available to the public, historically valuable records of the three branches of the federal government. NARA is a part of the Executive Branch.

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) is part of NARA's regional records services facilities. The NPRC was established in 1966 when the St. Louis Federal Records Center and the Military Personnel Records Center merged. The NPRC receives and stores federal military and civilian personnel records. It has two facilities in St. Louis, Missouri: the Civilian Personnel Records (CPR) Building at 111 Winnebago Street on the south side of the city of St. Louis and the Military Personnel Records (MPR) Building at 9700 Page Avenue in St. Louis County. The Civilian Personnel Records Building stores IRS records, US Postal Money Orders, Treasury Checks, as well as the records of local federal agencies within the metropolitan area, in addition to civilian personnel and medical records. The Military Personnel Records Building houses military personnel and medical records as well as the dependent medical records of former members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.


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