Military Partners Mission


Saluting America's Best!

   Military Partners launched in August of 1999 reaching Armed Forces members worldwide.  With a large percentage of the military community actively surfing the web for news, entertainment, purchases, and other information pertaining to their lives, Military Partners has met these needs by offering a "Military One Stop" web site.

    Besides offering an Armed Forces Resource Center and a Military Lifestyle Section, Commercial Sponsors offer information on their support, product and services to the military community.

    Companies, such as  Pepsi-Cola, Volvo Military Sales and Delta Air Lines are the first to join this "Partnership Web Site."  Each of these companies provides special services and products to US Armed Forces members and their families.

     Military Partners highlights  offers and services provided to the Military, such as Pepsi-Cola's  offerings,  Volvo Military Sales military specials and Delta Air Lines special rates to the military.  

     Military Partners hopes that through the initiatives of this site and its Partners, that the demands of a military assignment, lengthy deployment and/or family separation, are reduced.  We reach out to America's Best and salute all who put themselves in Harms Way.

Partnership Marketing's History

   Besides creating Military Partners "Military One Stop" web site,  Partnership Marketing, Inc., a uniquely positioned consulting company, offers more than 50 years of combined military consulting experience. 

    Ranging from Military Resale, Marketing, Legal Analysis and Special Event Management, we have the know-how and the tools to provide the most detailed analysis of the military community.  We will provide companies invaluable insight on how to find solutions in a complex military market.


Partnership Marketing Inc.
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